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Hi, I'm Leah!

I have to start out by saying THANK YOU for being here! It means the absolute world. I’m Leah, mamma of 2 beautiful girls, wife to an amazing husband, teacher during the school year and the owner of Mamoos Boutique. 

My husband and I have raised pigs & cattle for various livestock shows throughout the years. After going to many shows, year after year, all across the country, I loved all the boutiques always at the shows. Winter of 2023, my mother-in-law, whom my daughter calls “Mamoo”, suggested I start my own boutique and travel to the livestock shows along with my husband. He does the animals, I do the boutique. What could be better, livestock and my OWN boutique, all in one place?! Say no more. Fast forward a few months, with help from my parents, my in-laws and my helpful husband, Mamoos officially launched May 5th, 2023 in a 1965 camper! 

When I’m not being a business owner, you can find me playing with our girls, creating the best of memories. We love to walk our pigs during show season, go swimming in the summer, and spend way too much time shopping! I mean our house is 75% female, and we do love to shop! 

Thanks for being here! I really mean it. Not a single order, customer, or good vibe goes unnoticed. Your support makes up all my days, and I hope once in a while Mamoos can make yours!

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